About Nigel Thomas

I am a former IT/Network engineer who has spent the last 40 years or so working in various places around the world.

Most recently I worked for the Royal Oman Police in Muscat, Oman – I saved the best for last.

After I find somewhere to live, I plan to learn to develop Android Apps, read, listen to music, watch football and maybe get some exercise.


2 thoughts on “About Nigel Thomas”

  1. Hi Nigel,
    Just a note of appreciation for your wnbrowse program. I recently
    upgraded my wife’s computer to an i5 win 8.1 64 bit setup and was very
    happy to see your 64 bit version. I’ve used your program for more years
    than I can remember and it’s one of the first utilities I install.
    Thanks again from Portland Oregon,USA

  2. Nigel,
    Thanks so much for one of my most useful tools in my toolbox. I have installed and used it on my Windows computers for more than 2 decades – at least I think it was the early 90’s. Having programmed for over 40 years, I understand your things-to-do wishlist. I hope you are enjoying them!

    From Concord NH USA – Best Regards,

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